Effex Changes Behavior

You want to change behavior . . .

Knowing what – effex analyzes your specific situation to identify starting points for successful behavior.

Factors of Success in Sales What characterizes a successful seller? A variety of misconceptions have established themselves in company life. For example, successful salespersons are also characterized as extroverts and technically knowledgeable people. This seems to make sense – but research fails to confirm this.

Verifying Transfer Do you still just train people, or are you effective at doing so? Between 60 and 90 % of investments in training do not show the required effect. Despite this, the focus of trainers and enterprises on ensuring transfer of learning remains insufficient.

Knowing how - effex achieves behavioral changes in your staff.

Sales Training Adaptive Selling Need a secret recipe for success – no thanks! Successful skilling is an acquirable skill, but not by trying to copy the behavior of successful sellers. A more promising approach is to build up the ability to be able to adapt to each customer, that is, adaptive selling.

Management Training ZRM We often fail to do what we actually wanted to. We are not committed enough, can't assert ourselves, or fail to delegate. But we always have an uneasy gut feeling in situations like this. Inner conflicts of this kind slow us down and impact our ability to perform. But how can a manager use their feelings in order to steer their behavior? The Zurich Resource Model as a self-management method provides the answers.

Individual Coaching PSI Dream on! We all too easily forget that we don't simply act as rational beings: Some 90 % of our actions are controlled by the unconsciousness. Coaching on the basis of PSI makes it possible to develop potentials slumbering in our unconsciousness.

You want to change your enterprise's situation . . .

Knowing what - effex identifies unused potentials in your enterprise situation.

Learning Transfer Situation Survey Trainees are not sick! Training is often equated with a spell in hospital. The executive discovers something lacking in the employee and then sends them off for training, from where they come back cured. But the employee will tend to go on suffering because success is determined to a great extent by the superior and not by the quality of the training.

Measuring Service Quality Quality of service remains a central factor of success for service enterprises. It becomes even more important when it is reported directly to the customer.

Knowing how - effex shapes your entreprise situation to promote successful behavior.

ProMES Management Instrument Management decides on strategy – and staff on how it's implemented. Although this is a fact known to science for more than 20 years, management often seems not to take this sufficiently into account. Thanks to the participative ProMES/PPM method, which consistently achieves staff buy-in in implementation, enterprises succeed in boosting their economic success.

Marketing Strategy Market dynamics and increasing pressure of competition are increasingly forcing non-profit organizations to think economically. In the field of interplay between beneficiaries and donators, non-profit organizations depend on profitable marketing.