More than a grain of truth

Changing behavior

Successful entrepreneurial activity causes constant change. Factual knowledge is not enough to handle this. Psychological knowledge and the ability to influence human behavior in a targeted way are becoming increasingly critical for success. Although we should all really know from our own experience how difficult it is to change our behavior, many keep on acting in daily business life as if our staff and customers ticked in some different and simpler way. Changing behavior is an art that effex has practiced successfully for years.

Sustainably effective

In many cases executives work towards achieving goals by demanding instead of encouraging. While pressure is exercised by management, it will also succeed in achieving an effect. But if the pressure is released, you will soon find yourself back in the old channels. Sustainable changes can only be achieved from the inside by everyone working on their own development. This is why effex strives to achieve sustainable changes in behavior and also to demonstrate the changes achieved.

Founded on science

Nothing is as practical as a good theory. Differentiated knowledge and scientifically founded methods form the basis for effex's work. The scientific background puts effex in a position to achieve the right and most effective leverage for its customers. The main imperative remains a practically-oriented, tangible implementation of the appropriate theory. The end-user only perceives the greater practical tie-in and not the theoretical foundations.

Tailored for individuals and enterprises

Tailored means: effex listens to you. Quotations are not drafted until effex has an in-depth understanding of what the purchaser seeks and what the preconditions look like. But tailored also means: effex takes the individual into consideration. Standard solutions or recipes for success do not leverage the potential that lies dormant in each one of us. Despite this they are still predominant in practical business. But a tailored quotation by effex thus contains just enough standardization as necessary and as much customization as possible. Each individual is supported in finding and taking the right route to the target.

Enjoy the experience

The world of business is characterized by presentations, information events and meetings. But if behavioral changes are the order of the day, it is not typically sufficient to simply provide information on the desired state. We can only remember around 20 % of the information that we hear, let alone transfer it to our behavior. In contrast to this, if we experience something ourselves, an impressive 90 % is retained. For this reason, effex ag designs experiments for its customers that help them to experience significant statements in an enjoyable way. And a person who experiences something automatically puts it into relation to themself. This makes it easier to adapt one's behavior to reflect one's experiences.